About us


A successful, long term investment strategy depends on a complete understanding of a client’s investment objectives and, critically, on their tolerance to risk. We believe that our principal objective lies in helping our clients understand risk.

We do not avoid or shy away from risk. We believe that inherent in any asset allocation, security selection and investment strategy investors must accept the risks associated with financial markets; we aim to help investors generate returns from the risks they inevitably take.

We believe in the value of being able to discriminate and we are convinced that an investor’s ability to make sound investment decisions is linked to our ability to make objective, relevant, independent information easily available to them.

We do not believe investors are best served by working with large, multinational banks. Such institutions are overwhelmingly concerned with meeting internal compliance and regulatory objectives.

We are totally independent. We have no fee sharing agreements of any type with any institution. We never accept commissions and have no “soft-dollar” arrangements with anyone.

Our clients share our philosophy. In an effort to build long term relationships based on mutual trust with our advisory and discretionary clients, our fees are agreed with clients on a case by case basis to reflect the nature and complexity of each individual relationship.

Citigroup Inc. will put nearly 30,000 employees to work on regulatory and compliance issues by the end of this year, the bank’s CFO said on Monday.
Wall Street Journal


There is, however, an observable and growing danger of disproportionate risk aversion creeping into decision-making in our businesses as individuals, facing uncertainty as to what may be criticised with hindsight and perceiving a zero tolerance of error, seek to protect themselves and the firm from future censure.
Douglas Flint