Our Policy on Brexit

Our policy on Brexit is based on our view that the British government lacks the competence to legislate effectively on any issue pertaining to Brexit.  The ongoing uncertainty, therefore, that this creates for businesses in the UK has led us to adopt the following policies with respect to the two areas where our activities may be affected by Brexit.

Should the EU financial services passporting arrangements come to an end, we will transfer the activities we carry out with EU resident clients to a new legal entity in Belgium authorised by the Financial Services and Markets Authority.

Should any restrictions come into force in the UK in respect of the employment of any EU national, we will work with such nationals to ensure that any employment conditions are met. We do not, under any circumstances, prefer British candidates, for any position, on the basis of nationality.  We encourage EU nationals to ignore any political message or suggestion that they should not move to the UK.

We monitor our relationships with any suppliers to ensure that, to the maximum extent possible, they have policies in place to avoid any discrimination on the basis of nationality.  We do not have any commercial relationships and will avoid any such relationships with any entity that directly or indirectly supports or intends to support any policy of the British government related to Brexit.   

For a complete analysis of Brexit issues, please refer to the transcript of Sir Ivan Rogers’ (former UK Permanent Representative to the EU) lecture on 22nd January 2019, available HERE